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After building your deck you may enter the battlefield to challenge other summoners. Your deck will automatically be shuffled and seven cards will be drawn for your starting hand.

To use cards you will need to expend aura points, which come in three types: earth, fire, and water. You will begin with a set number of colorless aura points which can be converted into the color of your choice. To gain additional aura points you will need to capture spaces containing auras by either moving your summoner to the space or building a structure on that space. Once an aura is secured you may change it to the color of your choice to gain an aura point each turn. Certain cards will also allow you to gain aura points more quickly.

Your goal is to kill the enemy summoner by reducing their health points to zero. You must deploy your arsenal of creatures, structures, and spells to deal damage to the enemy summoner who will be fending off your assaults with her own strategies and tricks.​