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About Socratic Studios

With the recent hype around digital collectible card games it seemed odd that no one had attempted a fully 3d version of traditional card games so that fans could finally see their cards come to life on the battle field. Over and over again, game developers would produce the same-old 2d card games where the cards were only. . . cards.

We wanted something more; we wanted our cards to come to life. For that moment where you finally have enough mana to summon your most powerful creature to be magnified by the glory of it materializing in a flash of magical energy. Running amok and obliterating the enemy forces that had gained ground while you saved up all that mana. To be able to zoom in and move the camera right up to the characters and spells as they cast. 

Thus, we decided to make Aura. With a very small team and budget we have managed to create a prototype of the game featuring the first 36 cards. With your support we hope to bring alpha test servers live to allow fans to begin playing Aura as soon as possible in the development process in order to design the game the way players want. 

Please keep Aura 3d on your radar. We'll be initiating kickstarter and steam greenlight campaigns in the coming months!